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Telemedicine is not just an online video chat. Rather, it is a seamless integration of all required healthcare services, ensuring online consultations are as efficient and satisfying as real-life consultations.

SmartClinix, a 360-degree practice solution designed by physicians for physicians, incorporates cloud-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR), a telemedicine portal, a patient management system, and integrates with other health systems seamlessly.

SmartClinix enables healthcare providers to begin their own online clinics to not only connect with patients at home but also in rehab facilities. Moreover, it is also a fully customizable solution that caters to specialty or business-specific needs.

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One-stop Healthcare (US Market)

Cura4U is a direct-pay healthcare marketplace platform for the US market, offering scheduling of outpatient services with price transparency and a secure patient portal for online access to medical records. Current services include labs (in collaboration with Quest Diagnostics at over 2200 locations), radiology (available at over 900 radiology centers), physician appointments, procedures, and other ancillary services.

CURA4U contracts discounted rates with renowned and trusted providers for direct pay patients and lists them on CURA4U platform for online scheduling. The services can be availed through the website or app by individuals as well as small to medium businesses for their employees.

  • The Pay As You Go Model caters to self-pay patients (visitors, high deductible plan, or out-of-network).
  • The Subscription Model would cater to small to medium businesses with dedicated primary care services at further discounted rates with up to 80% savings on healthcare costs.
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One-stop-healthcare (International Market)

SHIFA4U, prototype of CURA4U project, was ATP’s first international project launched in 2017 in Pakistan. It is a one-stop healthcare service platform and offers multiple services, including laboratory and radiology services, online and in-person doctor appointments, home care services, pharmacy and other ancillary services, as well as resources for patient education. Shifa4U has expanded to over 22 cities in Pakistan and currently caters to over 5,000 patients daily through various digital channels. Shifa4U has also won various awards for ATP and earned recognition at international forums.

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Viral epidemics such as Corona or Ebola pose very serious and unique challenge for public health as not only the affected patients need close monitoring and treatment but they also pose risk of spreading the virus to the healthcare providers and other people who they interact with.

VirusRx offers a solution as it is a comprehensive online clinic platform with remote patient monitoring capabilities . It enables physicians and healthcare providers to remotely monitor those patients , who are either in isolation at home or to see any new patient with viral like symptoms .

ViralRx thus minimizes the exposure risk to healthcare providers and other patients but also offers adequate monitoring and treatment of those who have been affected by viruses. It also provides resources and education for patients .

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American Quality Healthcare - Anywhere

American TeleClinic is a project that is enabling physicians from advanced healthcare markets to practice remotely through telemedicine to achieve better care outcomes in cost-effective ways. Through robust care delivery mechanisms and provider-patient engagement in HIPAA compliant methods, the highest level of expertise reaches patients securely, inexpensively, and directly.

The physician to patient ratio is not ideal in most developing markets as well as in smaller and suburban regions of developed countries. This ratio is even bleaker with respect to specialist consultants and rare specialty subject experts. American TeleClinic addresses this critical situation by connecting the patient to the right provider in the most secure, seamless, cost-effective, and efficient manner.

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All you need to start Telemedicine today!

As part of the 360-degree telemedicine solution, ATP also provides high-quality telemedicine carts and associated devices, like home monitoring devices, at affordable costs. This ensures a comprehensive, cost-effective telemedicine setup. Equipment may be branded in line with our client’s brand standards.

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ATP presents marketplace project at ATA annual Pitch Jam in Chicago, IL.

ATP recognized at Connected Health Conference

ATP qualifies as finalist in GEC Catalyst awards for marketplace project

ATP presents marketplace project at Samsung Digital Health Summit, California

ATP becomes official member of International Society for Telemedicine & E-health

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