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American TelePhysicians

American TelePhysicians is physician-led digital healthcare & telemedicine company with expertise in building 360º healthcare ecosystems. We have launched projects in Asia, Australia, Africa, and North America, and we continue to expand in new markets with a focus on improving healthcare access utilizing technology and innovation.

Our multi-faceted projects have been recognized at many forums, including United Nations, and serve a wide range of medical professionals and healthcare organizations. Our projects are strengthened by our diverse network of primary and specialty care physicians, a wide range of
quality ancillary service/product providers and our dedicated team of business and IT professionals bring it all together to provide affordable and accessible healthcare services.

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Who We Are

American TelePhysicians, a Jacksonville, Florida-based digital healthcare company, was founded in 2017 by a team of physicians and IT professionals under its founder, Dr. Waqas Ahmed. The company’s vision is to transform the global healthcare industry by focusing on efficient patient care delivery using digital technology. ATP’s mission is to facilitate healthcare accessibility, affordability, and awareness through patient education.

Over the past four years, American TelePhysicians has evolved into a multi-continental organization with operations, outreach, and alliances in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Australia. This rapid-paced growth is owed to the dedication and synergy of the brilliant international team of over 80 IT developers, business executives from prestigious healthcare organizations, and over 30 multi-specialty physicians.

What We Do​

American TelePhysicians identify healthcare industry problems and build customized technology solutions to address those issues in the most efficient, cost-effective, and secure manner. At American TelePhysicians, we visualize healthcare to be accessible, affordable, and transparent for patients. At the same time, our goal is to enable physicians, healthcare providers & facilities to go digital and make their services more productive and accessible. Our digital healthcare solutions reflect the same vision.

How We Do It​

American TelePhysicians team optimizes care delivery through several proprietary digital solutions and physician services. For patient’s convenience, accessibility, affordability, and awareness, we have developed and are operating online healthcare marketplace projects. Shifa4U and Cura4U – our digital platforms are patient-centric and ensure that there are no surprise bills. The patient can browse, compare, and make an informed decision about healthcare services before scheduling services online through a website or mobile app.

Using our SmartClinix and other solutions, providers build customized solutions to optimize their clinical and business needs.

ATP's Global Reach

Our Global Footprint

We envision being a revolutionary digital healthcare organization aiming to transform the international health markets into a global village, ensuring that accessible and affordable quality and affordable quality healthcare becomes a worldwide phenomenon.