NeuroX Brings Specialty Physicians Services To Patients Via Telemedicine

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, Sept. 29, 2020 – American TelePhysicians, a global leader in telemedicine and digital healthcare with a mission to build online healthcare ecosystems, today announced they have launched their first online specialty care ecosystem, NeuroX. NeuroX offers direct-to-patient services, specialty care support for senior living facilities, inpatient consultations for healthcare facilities, and second opinion services for complex cases. NeuroX will launch its service in Florida with plans to expand to other states soon.

NeuroX brings care to our patients’ doorsteps. NeuroX provides online consultations with Neurologists, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists, using its own telemedicine EMR platform, SmartClinix. The NeuroX clinic focuses on specialty care for diseases such as epilepsy, migraine, autism and dementia. NeuroX also facilitates the scheduling of diagnostics and treatment services at very affordable rates (including labs, radiology, and home EEG, delivery of medications, and infusions). Patients receive quality, continuous healthcare with access to the specialists they critically need.

Of today’s NeuroX launch, Dr. Waqas Ahmed, Founder and CEO of American TelePhysicians, notes, “Chronic care management requires a close follow-up with specialist physicians as well as frequent ancillary services. In both rural and metropolitan areas, especially in senior living facilities, having specialist access is quite difficult. Moreover, for patients without insurance, specialty care is even more challenging. That is where a telemedicine and online healthcare ecosystem model can be very helpful. We’re working diligently to make healthcare more affordable and accessible and today’s launch is just another big step towards our mission!”

Dr. Muhammad Farooq, Medical Director of NeuroX and a leading stroke specialist, concurs, “Stroke patients are a great example of patients who need ongoing care. Follow-up consultations with a Neurologist after discharge from the hospital, as well as a Psychologist or Psychiatrist, reduces the odds of a second stroke and related complications. We can save lives by putting our NeuroX clinic to work.” Providers interested in joining NeuroX should visit the NeuroX website and follow the instructions for applying, or reach out to Dr. Farooq. Contact Sherri Johnson if you would like to learn more about American TelePhysicians and their telemedicine projects.

About American TelePhysicians

American TelePhysicians is a Jacksonville-based digital healthcare company founded in 2017 by a team of physicians and IT professionals under the leadership of Waqas Ahmed, MD FACP. With operations in the US, Asia, and Australia, our vision is to transform the global healthcare industry by creating awareness of healthcare options and to make healthcare affordable and accessible to patients everywhere. American TelePhysicians is doing this through its various
projects, including SmartClinixCURA4USHIFA4U, and, most recently, NeuroX.