American TelePhysicians presents Shifa4U at the Samsung Digital Health Summit In Mountain View, CA – Nov, 2017

APPNA (Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America), in its 40th year, has developed into a great organization for expatriate Pakistani physicians in United States. In 2017, the fall meeting was held in the Midwestern state of Ohio in the city of Cincinnati.

AmericanTele Physicians (ATP) and Shifa4U showed a strong presence at the APPNA fall meeting. For the first time, ATP setup a stall in the exhibition showcasing its flagship products and the Shifa4U service it recently launched in Lahore, Pakistan. The response from the attendees was phenomenal. Several Pakistani physicians in attendance showed great interest in not only using this service but also offered to provide their clinical services. Several investors from reputed organizations also showed interest in financially supporting the project.