A Complete Healthcare Marketplace

Cura4U: Discount Portal for All Healthcare Services from Top Providers

Following overwhelming response in international markets, ATP brings CURA4U – a one-stop-healthcare platform, to the USA with the primary focus on providing patients with the Right Care at the Right Price. CURA4U is a web and app-based solution to help patients schedule healthcare services from top providers online.

CURA4U provides transparency by displaying the availability and pricing of your desired service from various providers, allowing you to make more informed healthcare decisions. You can schedule Lab, Radiology, and Doctor’s appointment services online from within the CURA4U portal and the mobile app.

CURA4U also aims to become your go-to healthcare knowledge portal by regularly updating blogs, educational videos, and infographics with the most relevant patient education and healthcare news. You can head to our blogs section to explore our knowledge hub and subscribe to get the latest update right in your inbox.

How We Provide Our Services

Labs & Diagnostic Services​

Cura4U collaborates with top service providers across the country to list services with significant savings. For example, a CBC with an average market price of $32 can be ordered through Cura4U for as low as $9.

Patients can schedule diagnostic services online, enjoy up to 80% discounts, and receive the service from the nearest lab or radiology center.Cura4U also provides physician consultation options for patients so patients who do not have a physician's order may also schedule diagnostic services.

Online Consultations​

At Cura4U, we have over 200 physicians of all specialties to provide online consultations to patients from the comfort of their homes; incredibly important to immobile patients. Patients can consult talk to a physician within 24-48 hours via our secure, HIPAA compliant telemedicine EMR, called SmartClinix.Cura4U provides quick consultations with primary care physicians, as well as engages with DPC providers who offer their services through Cura4U. Consultations start as low as $35 for primary care and $79 for specialty care.

Patient Education

Being well versed with basic healthcare knowledge is imperative to early detection of diseases, and saves from multiple complications.Cura4U patient education department creates organic healthcare content in both text and video formats to ensure that the users of Cura4U stay informed about healthcare news and advancements in the healthcare industry.

Cura4U content is created in-house under the supervision of top physicians practicing in prestigious institutions in the US and across the world.