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Challenges of Primary Care & DPC Practices

Long Waiting Time

It could take from two to four months to get your patient an appointment with a specialist consultant. For some specialties, the wait time can be as long as six months.

No Patient Tracking

Practices may lose track of patients once they are referred to a specialist.

Specialty & Physical Limits

As primary care and DPC practice, the spectrum of your services is limited to primary care only. Moreover, there are geographical limitations as your practice is accessible only to nearby patients.

Sub-Optimized Workflows

Primary care & DPC practices have a lot of areas of improvement for more efficient care delivery and costs savings.

Introducing ATP Primary Care & DPC Program

Fast track consultations with ATP specialists within 24-48 hours

Consultations for as low as $79 (depending upon specialty)

All major Specialties & Sub-specialties are available

Option to be listed for FREE on Cura4U – America’s #1 healthcare marketplace

Option to set up multi-specialty teleclinic at your premises at no cost

Get FREESmartClinix (TeleMedicineEMR) Subscription worth $299/mo.

How it will work for your Primary Care or DPC Practice

Our 360° services for participating practices

Specialty Consultant Physicians

Being part of this program gives you access to over 200 Specialty Consultant Physicians from America’s top healthcare organizations providing care through telemedicine. The physicians cover all major specialties and subspecialties, and many of them are considered centers of excellence in their field.

SmartClinix Telemedicine EMR

Being part of this program, ATP will provide you SmartClinix with no setup cost (Worth $499).
You will also get a 60-Day free trial; we will not ask you for any credit card information during the trial. If you like the product, you can continue using it for as low as $99/mo (Original Price $299/mo)

Listing on Cura4U

CURA4U is America’s largest & fastest-growing healthcare marketplace. With over 50,000 highly targeted monthly eyeballs, your practice will be visible to thousands and accessible to everyone in the area of your practicing license.

Access to Specialty Consultant Physicians

American TelePhysicians comprises over 200 consultant physicians from all specialties providing teleconsultations in all parts of the USA. Our physician services include direct consultations or 2nd opinion physician to physician consultations. Our specialty clinics include but are not limited to:

SmartClinix Telemedicine EMR

Primary Care & DPC Practices partnering with American TelePhysicians get a free subscription to SmartClinix, an award-winning TeleMedicine EMR designed for physicians.
SmartClinix not only helps expand your service spectrum by providing your patients with remote specialty care but also expands your services to all states where you are allowed to practice.
SmartClinix also makes your care delivery processes efficient hence minimizing costs, improving patient satisfaction &, in turn increasing revenues.

Listing on CURA4U – Healthcare Marketplace

CURA4U is America’s fastest-growing online healthcare marketplace accessible through the Web and App. With over 50,000 monthly viewers, CURA4U provides the perfect platform for healthcare providers to showcase their services to thousands of users nationwide. CURA4U partners include Quest Diagnostics, Green Imaging, Precision Imaging, MyLab Box, and other trusted providers to list their products and services online with discounts & price transparency. Being part of CURA4U not only helps you save more for your patients by availing discounts on diagnostic services but also provides you exposure to thousands of users in your area of practice.


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SmartClinix subscription is provided absolutely FREE to participating practices for 60-days. After trial $99/User/mo. (Value $299/User/mo.)

FreePer UserFor 60-Days

Being part of the American TelePhysicians program for empowering Primary Care & DPC practices is absolutely FREE OF COST!
There are no subscription fees, no hidden charges, no surprise bills!
Fast Track access to multi-specialty physicians is FREE! Consultations with specialist physicians start from $59 for follow-up consultations and $129 for new consultations.
SmartClinix subscription (priced at $299/mo) is provided absolutely FREE to participating practices!
Listing on CURA4U is FREE for Primary Care & DPC practices! There are no listing or marketing fees, nor is there any monthly charge.

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