End-to-End Healthcare Solutions, Including Ancillary Services

End-to-End Healthcare Solutions, Including Ancillary Services

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The key to building a complete, connected healthcare model is to include ancillary services that are important to residents who wish to manage certain aspects of their care, and to physicians who wish to order services and/or equipment at the time of the consultation.

Our CURA4U product is an on-demand healthcare marketplace designed for residents to do online scheduling of ancillary services (such as labs, radiology, pharmacy, and home care services). The marketplace is also available for remote physicians to order ancillary services directly after a tele-consultation.

Integrated seamlessly into our telehealth platform, we work with each facility to add ancillary services essential to the residents and the medical staff. We can also white label the CURA4U product so that residents see these services as a valuable benefit provided by the facility.

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