Our Partnership

(PHM) is a service essentially dedicated to the convenient monitoring of vital signs of patients from the comfort of their homes. Their goal, to lead you to better health, is achieved through virtual care through which they monitor:

These are vital signs that need to be kept a close eye on for patients to ensure that regardless of which stage of recovery/treatment they are in, their top health is sustained.


Collaboration With ATP

PHM is a joint venture between American TelePhysicians and 3PointcClicks, centred around the accessibility of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). RPM is built upon the core principle and objective of virtual care: to connect patients and doctors virtually for better, faster and safer care. RPM allows your doctors to remotely monitor and analyze your health data and sends automatic biometric updates so your care and treatment is never delayed and can be provided at all times. This joint venture is set to revolutionize patient care in the twenty first century.

Wellness Re-Imagined

PHM also moves beyond just care, they are centred around the principles of management of wellness, prevention of chronic diseases and improved quality of life for everybody. Health scares and health problems never discriminate when they come, PHM ensures that wellness and prevention of the same problems doesn’t discriminate either.

Why RPM Is The Future ?

RPM has been proven to achieve a 75% reduction in hospital readmissions which demonstrates its effectiveness. The pandemic may have laid down the idea of social distancing, especially in hospitals and clinics, for entirely different seasons but it is here to stay. Making a trip to the practitioner poses several obstacles which in turn create delays in care. PHM is your key to more control over your personal health, make the smart choice!