Making Caregiving Process Seamless with Physicians Services

Making caregiving process seamless with Physicians Services

How our multispecialty clinics work?

Over 200+ multispecialty physicians in the network providing services in multiple states

Physicians Services

Physicians are an integral part of any comprehensive care plan. We have a team of multi-specialty physicians with after-hours, weekend, and holiday urgent care support. In other words, your facility could have around-the-clock medical coverage.

Our physician services do not end there! Based on your residents’ medical needs, we offer a specialty physician service program, including inpatient rounding of one or more of our specialty telemedicine clinics. A few examples of our clinics include:

NeuroX - an online Neurology care program providing complete Neuro-Psych care for dementia residents and post-stroke follow-up care.

RenalX - connecting residents suffering from kidney disease with our expert Nephrologists.

One of our many specialty services/clinics could be the right solution for your facility with on-site expert care and preventing hospital admissions or readmissions.

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