Second Opinion Services

Provided by US-Based Multispecialty Physicians

Second Opinions for Patients

Get second opinion from US-based specialists and dispel all the uncertanities in your initial diagnosis. Get Started

Benefits for Our Partners

Referring your patients to our board-certified specialists will help you grow your practice and strengthen practice-patient relations. Grow Practice

Satisfied Patients

After a challenging diagnosis, patients start looking for a second opinion. We offer virtual second opinion services of US-based physicians to ensure your patients get the best diagnosis and are satisfied, without any reservations.

Convenient Consultations

Every patient seeks the best diagnosis, but they’re hesitant to get out of their comfort zone for it. American TelePhysicians brings Second Opinions directly to your patients with telemedicine. They can get virtual consultations from the comfort of their homes.

Minimum Wait Time

A patient will not wait for months to get a second opinion, especially after a diagnosis that doesn’t sit well with them. We streamline the process and significantly reduce the gap between initial and second opinions to keep your patients at ease.

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