Efficient solution for adminstators &residents of assisted living facilities!

Our Services for your facility

Senior living facilities face unique challenges in today’s environment. Our multi-specialty physician team has extensive experience serving the senior community. SmartClinix, our telemedicine solution, is a comprehensive EMR system that can be a stand-alone system or integrated with PointClickCare, or other EMR systems, to ensure seamless patient care.

We also use our technology to provide telemedicine and tele-rounding services to alleviate the need for patients/residents to be transported outside the facility.

Whether you choose to set-up a robust tele-clinic inside the facility or simply want to use our technology and extensive network of specialty physicians to consult with patients as needed, we are the right partner for you.

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Continuation of Care

Reduced costs & Overheads

Involve Family Members

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Our Services for your facility

Physician Services

Physicians are an integral part of any comprehensive care plan. We have a team of multi-specialty physicians with after-hours, weekend, and holiday urgent care support. In other words, your facility could have around-the-clock medical coverage.

Our physician services do not end there! Based on your residents’ medical needs, we offer a specialty physician service program, including inpatient rounding of one or more of our specialty telemedicine clinics. A few examples of our clinics include:

NeuroX - an online Neurology care program providing complete Neuro-Psych care for dementia residents and post-stroke follow-up care.

RenalX - connecting residents suffering from kidney disease with our expert Nephrologists.One of our many specialty services/clinics could be the right solution for your facility with on-site expert care and preventing hospital admissions or readmissions.

Technology Services

Telemedicine technology must be designed to address the specific challenges of senior living facilities. We are committed to reducing hospital readmissions and providing that elusive continuity of care. Our SmartClinix technology understands that each facility has its own care gaps, and we have developed a complete ecosystem that can fill any need.
Created by physicians for physicians, SmartClinix is a customizable, cloud-based online care solution that, besides providing comprehensive telemedicine capabilities, also includes a robust resident/patient portal for remote patient monitoring and engaging residents and their family members in the care plan.

SmartClinix is a customizable administration portal with all of the tools your staff needs to provide first-class, continuous care. The portal is integrated with PointClickCare, but can also be integrated with most other EMR systems. SmartClinix can also be used as a stand-alone online care portal with a telemedicine platform and can be white-labeled with the facility’s brand to provide a seamless experience for the residents, staff, and medical service providers.

Healthcare Concierge

The key to building a complete, connected healthcare model is to include ancillary services that are important to residents who wish to manage certain aspects of their care, and to physicians who wish to order services and/or equipment at the time of the consultation.

Our CURA4U product is an on-demand healthcare marketplace designed for residents to do online scheduling of ancillary services (such as labs, radiology, pharmacy, and home care services. The marketplace is also available for remote physicians to order ancillary services directly after a tele-consultation.
Integrated seamlessly into our telehealth platform, we work with each facility to add ancillary services essential to the residents and the medical staff. We can also white label the CURA4U product so that residents see these services as a valuable benefit provided by the facility.

Our Services for your facility