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What is SHIFA4U?

Telemedicine and Digital Health are the future of healthcare delivery and promising mediums to offer Healthcare services across the globe. Telemedicine is not merely a physician-to-patient encounter, rather it is a comprehensive integration of distant healthcare services. That’s what American Tele Physicians is all about. Our innovative organization offers comprehensive telemedicine services including expert second opinion services using state-of-the-art telemedicine EMR, which is integrated with our novel One Stop Health Care platform.

SHIFA4U is derived from the word SHIFA which means Cure & Healing. This project is based on the One-Stop Healthcare platform specifically developed for global healthcare markets. SHIFA4U consolidates local and international healthcare services on its digital portal and provides access to the patients at discounted rates. It also educates patients and guides them to use the services using artificial intelligence. Services include ordering and comparing prices of imaging & lab tests with home sampling, scheduling of home care services, referral guidance for outpatient procedures or surgeries, and appointments with local physicians as well as access to American and International expert physicians for a second opinion.

Our Vision

We envision to be a revolutionary digital healthcare organisation aiming to transform the international health markets into a global village, ensuring that accessible and affordable quality healthcare becomes a worldwide phenomenon.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize healthcare delivery in cash based healthcare markets. We are using cutting edge technology to consolidate quality healthcare services available in those markets, integrate them with advanced international healthcare systems and eventually connect the whole network directly with patients to make quality health services accessible and affordable.

Our Values

We are built on following core values