SmartClinix – A comprehensive Telemedicine EMR

SmartClinix’s contributions to the digital health sector are evident in their continual efforts to make medical consultations easier for professionals with every passing day. On SmartClinix Telemedicine EMR & patient management portal, it is now possible for a doctor to provide medical consultancy to patients, check health records, and access reports for reviewing and editing, manage schedules of consultations, send labs, imaging, medication orders to partner providers and push patient education material to patient’s account all in one space. The patient and doctor can also invite additional attendees to the online consultation; this is particularly helpful if the patient requires assistance in communicating with the doctor or if the doctor deems the need of a 2nd opinion from another doctor.
The aim is to provide a complete experience of a virtual clinic rather than just focusing on the audio and video aspects.

A SmartClinix application is also available for smartphones, where patients can enter into a virtual waiting room by simply clicking on the link sent by their provider, and receive online consultation as soon as the provider initiates the call. At a single click, an appointment can be scheduled for screening, tests, and other medical services. SmartClinix ensures the best quality service for its patients, focusing on removing any kind of lags faced by patients or doctors during a video consultation, and making the full features & functionality of an EMR available to the provider during consultation.

Doctors and physicians from around the world have combined their efforts in making SmartClinix the best solution for all needs that providers and patients require to simulate an in-office consultation experience remotely.