Adding Convenience to
Specialist Consultations

Adding convenience to Specialist Consultations

Specialty Clinics

Virtual clinics for Specialty based care

American TelePhysicians Specialty Clinics were developed to provide both patients and providers the resources needed to ensure a quality clinical experience. Patients can search and schedule appointments with specialists and consult with the physician online through our secure HIPAA compliant video conferencing.

Our specialty care portals provide specialists with a high-traffic platform to list their services and provide them with a complete telemedicine solution. Whether it is patients looking for an online specialty consultation, hospitals or assisted living facilities looking for specialty coverage, or specialists looking to be part of a coordinated virtual specialist group, our specialty care portals are the answer.

Our Specialty focused X-Clinix

Our Services for your facility

Patient Education

Early detection of disease is the key to a long, healthy life. With so many information sources, it can be hard to find authentic information. American TelePhysicians develops content for each specialty, including written content, infographics, evaluation questionnaires, videos and much more. The content is created under the supervision of top specialist physicians practicing in prestigious institutions across US.

Online Specialty Consultations

Online consultations are easy to schedule and patients can talk to a doctor within 24-48 hours. The consultations take place on our HIPAA compliant telemedicine EMR, called SmartClinix. And because consultations are online, patients don't have to travel to a physician's office.

Patients choose their physician according to the specialty, location, and other information contained in the online physician profile. Consultations start at $139 for initial consultations and $79 for follow up consultations.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring aids in long-term medical care by enabling physicians to monitor patients outside of conventional clinical settings using technology and digital devices.

Patient monitoring using digital devices is a part of a connected health plan, and is a model for health management where patients and physicians are connected and real-time patient data is used to determine next steps in the patient's care.

Specialty Coverage at Facilities

American TelePhysicians engages over 200 specialty physicians representing all major specialties. We provide multi-specialty coverage for a variety of facilities, including hospitals, clinics, assisted and senior living facilities, rehab centers, and prisons. Our coverageincludes teleconsultations and tele-rounding on weekdays, weekends, holidays, and after-hours. Our system is interoperable with all major EMRs, but includes its own state-of-the-art EMR for facilities that need a comprehensive solution.

Currently, we are providing services to several prestigious customers, including Advent Health, Cypress Village, and Pioneer Medical Group.