At the Forefront of Healthcare’s Digital Revolution

At the Forefront of Healthcare’s Digital Revolution

Technology Services

Telemedicine technology must be designed to address the specific challenges of senior living facilities. We are committed to reducing hospital readmissions and providing that elusive continuity of care. Our SmartClinix technology understands that each facility has its own care gaps, and we have developed a complete ecosystem that can fill any need.


Created by physicians for physicians, SmartClinix is a customizable, cloud-based online care solution that, besides providing comprehensive telemedicine capabilities, also includes a robust resident/patient portal for remote patient monitoring and engaging residents and their family members in the care plan.


SmartClinix is a customizable administration portal with all of the tools your staff needs to provide first-class, continuous care. The portal is integrated with PointClickCare, but can also be integrated with most other EMR systems. SmartClinix can also be used as a stand-alone online care portal with a telemedicine platform and can be white-labeled with the facility’s brand to provide a seamless experience for the residents, staff, and medical service providers.


Remote Patient Monitoring

American TelePhysicians technology services now include remote patient monitoring. This recent addition in technological services has made a mark in the healthcare industry, making it easy for Specialists and Primary care physicians to practice effectively and have better patient care. RPM solution is an enhanced version launched under SmartClinix, a project by American TelePhysicians, and is helping various clients like Private Practices, Healthcare Systems, Facilities, and ACOs to focus on building revenue and patient satisfaction from the comfort of their homes. The RPM system is equipped with a fully functional dashboard with a single focus view for all your practice activities, automated notifications to practice and patients, virtual consultations, an EMR system, Monthly and Annual reports, data compliance, and much more. American TelePhysicians goal is to digitize healthcare and bring the best solutions for practices and other healthcare systems in the USA. It is going to revolutionize the experience, and help practices and care providers manage everything within a unified system.

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